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How Brand Building Affects Key Issues Facing Mobile App Industries

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Apps can follow the leader in latest tech, but it's not all that matters

Every category of apps is facing an evolution quest – from the content and consolidation Streaming wars to Fintech's race to super-app status. In the second edition of BRAG, we evaluate the role brand strength and brand equity play for Fintech, Streaming Entertainment, Quick-Service Restaurants, Shopping, and News apps.

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Brand's Flywheel Effect

Find out which brands drive performance beyond the download to advance in these industry challenges:

  • FINTECH: Who is best positioned to become a super app?
  • STREAMING: Who is built to survive in a content and consolidation war?
  • QSR: Who is rebuilding their consumer relationships in a post food delivery app world dominated by DoorDash and UberEats?
  • SHOPPING: Who is trending up as discretionary spending has gone down?
  • NEWS: Why news publisher app brands don’t matter that much and never will on mobile phones.
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