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Explore Q1 2023 mobile growth through the lens of UA Brand Efficiency 🔍

In this first-of-its-kind framework, apps are ranked by the ratio of App Installs to Brand Power. Through this filter, you will learn:

  • Which apps are overachieving UA potential 
  • How the lesser-known apps - Transcenders - are outperforming the apps of leading brands
  • The common strategies that Transcenders and Leaders use to execute efficient campaigns
Brand Power puts an app in the big leagues. The BRAG Box levels the playing field ➡️



Transcender strategies explained

Learn how Tubi, Temu, Hopper, and other Top BRAG-gers used these 4 strategies to outperform their brand power in Q1 2023 💪

The case studies inside are packed with mobile Competitive Intelligence ideas. Gain insights into:
  • The channel Peacock TV is outspending other Streaming Video apps on 
  • The user engagement tactic the 10 Shopping BRAG-gers have in common
  • How Travel companies can build relationships using their apps as loyalty program headquarters
  • And more!
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